Are you building the next killer software product and need an expert architect’s advice?
Are you going to design an API for your web application or service and would make use of a helping hand?
Are you looking for assistance with products developed by EldoS Corporation and maintained by Allied Bits Ltd.?

What we offer

With over 25 years in the software market, dozens of successful mass-market software products, and accomplished custom development projects, our team at Allied Bits Ltd. (formerly EldoS Corporation) is ready to help you with designing your software, from individual security functions to modules and APIs to complete software products, together with its launch on the market. We, the original creators of the most comprehensive security suite, SecureBlackbox, and the virtual storage product line, are willing to share our experience and qualifications and deliver stellar software design.


Our expertise includes various UI and backend system APIs on all major software platforms (Windows, .NET, Java, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux), as well as DBMS (primarily MySQL) and Web development (JavaScript, Python, PHP, C#). At the same time, our skills and knowledge let our team quickly learn and use almost any software and technology required by the project.

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