Allied Bits Ltd. (formerly known as EldoS Corporation)

Allied Bits Ltd. is an international business that specializes in development of security-related software solutions for the corporate market and individual software developers. In addition, the company sponsors and co-develops several software projects for businesses and for private use.

History and Future

The company history starts in March of 1998, when EldoS Group was founded as an organization of software developers seeking to deliver effective, economical solutions to individuals, small to medium-size businesses.
The prospective clients use computers for either software development or just as an assistant in everyday life.
During the initial period EldoS Group offered a visual component library for developers and some utilities for end-users.
Software development services were a significant part of EldoS business model.

In 2001 the growing importance of security in a modern world was recognized and a decision was made to start a line of security and networking products for software developers. Very high skill level of software architects and developers allowed the company to design and implement flexible and powerful software products, well-suited for everyday use.

EldoS Group evolved into EldoS Corporation in December ‘2002, when the strategic decision was made to focus on security solutions for corporate market.

In July ‘2016, the whole product line of EldoS Corporation has been acquired by /n software, inc. (USA), followed by the change of the company name to Allied Bits Ltd.

The acquisition allowed Allied Bits Ltd. to focus on the projects, which the company has been co-developing during several previous years as well as the ones started recently.

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